Sunday, August 23, 2015

Magic Fly

Never has a song/track made such an impact on the world of Electronic Dance as this one, Magic Fly was originally released in 1977 by Space and written by Ecama who as we all know is the alias of Didier Marouani who of course was in Space, but according to the internet Kebekelektrik’s version was released before Space’s but who believes the internet?
Most of the remakes seem to come from the 1990’s when I guess Trance and all those other weird music genre’s popped up, but take a listen to the one from Don Pablo as it is total quality.
If you know of any more versions then please let me know at the usual address and below is a list of some of the ones I am missing.
I would also like to thank everyone who helped with this compilation (you know who you are) as I could have never have completed what I have without you.

Wanted to complete the collection
A. Nello MIX – Magic Fly (Dream or Trance Mix) 1996
B. Model Mart – Magic Fly (4 Versions) 2003
C. Tronik – Magic Fly (3 Versions) 1996
D. Maurizio Verbeni – Magic Fly (7 Versions) 1992
E. Outer Space – Magic Fly (3 Versions)1992
F. Johnny Douglas & Magic Fantasy Orchestra – Magic Fly 1980 LP
G. The Alan Tew Orchestra – Magic Fly 1977
H. R-Tem & DJ Boyko – Magic Fly (2 Versions) 2003
I. O.C.P. – Magic Fly (2/3 Versions) 1992
J. Backgammon – Sorry I’m A Lady/Magic Fly 1977
K. Magic Fly – Magic Fly (4 Versions) 2003

Sunday, August 16, 2015