Monday, December 31, 2018

Attack Of The Brits

The title says it all really, 12 Top slices of Brit - Funk from back in the day.

This is my last compilation of 2018 and possibly my last compilation ever as I start a new chapter in my life in the New Year so my time will be very limited.


Michael M said...

Hi Simon ... Thanks for the upload if this is your last then it's a good one to post lots of personal memories for me with these tracks listed.
I have really enjoyed the posts over the years since I discovered this site a real oasis of good music some I remember some I've forgotten and some new to me. If this is your last post all the best for your new chapter moving forward in 2019

Simon John said...

Many thanks for the comment Michael, and I will try to post the odd comp now and then but my new job is going to take up more of my time so we will see. Maybe Mr. Colourzone will keep things going in 2019?

renato c said...

Happy New Year, Simon!
Hope you can upload more gems!

Paul Colourzone said...

I Know this !!! and I like it.