Sunday, June 14, 2020

Italo Disco V2 (New Link 14/06/20)


My second and final offering of Italo Disco.

It's hard to believe I created this compilation almost 5 years to the day, and back then it didn't get a single comment. On June 5th 2020 i got a comment on this post 'New Link Please' not i'm sorry I missed this the first time around and could you please upload it again. This is the world we live in where people just expect and never say Thank You.
Because I am by nature a decent human being I have uploaded the original file again, do you think we will get any nice comments this time?


Unknown said...

new link please

Softshoebanana said...

Simon, some people are just plain rude...i didn't request the link but I've enjoyed some of your previous posts without thanking you...SORRY

Simon John said...

Not a problem, i know people have busy lives (i know i have) but a quick Thank You takes a few seconds and can mean the difference between us carrying on or closing forever.