Friday, March 11, 2016

I Love Music 2 Re-Edits by Colourzone (New Link)

We now get the Colourzone extended editions, pure tasty JAMS!!!


stephen Chandler said...

These mixes are Fantastic
Elkie Brooks rising cost of your Love Crystal sharp Treble and the same with ELO The Diana Ross Wonderful could not detect the join a Miss Ross is my fav singer in the whole world And Debra Washington World of Pain Brilliant. Like them all but these are For me the Stand out Tracks Thanks for your Great Work.

Paul Colourzone said...

Thx Stephen, I am just glad you enjoyed them...Cheers.

Stan Harris said...

My favorite track is Elkie Brooks, "The Rising Cost of Love". Next is Desmond Child and Rouge. Thanks for all you do. Peace!

Lee said...

Thanks for the re-up of this series. What a great collection. I will be dancing to this set all week-end !